Here at NBIC, we like to keep church SIMPLE! The vision God has given us is the same He gave Jesus when He was here on Earth. It’s also the process we use to move people to discipleship. Knowing where you are in the process is just as, if not more, important then us knowing where you are! We simply:

Reach People!   Jesus reached people by asking them to follow him. We desire everyone to follow Christ, so we Reach people primarily through our Sunday morning services. Although this is not the only method we use, see outreach, we believe in forsaking not the assembly of ourselves together mentioned in Hebrews 10:25.

Build People! While Jesus was here, He spent 3.5 years building his disciples. He trained them with the Word and by his actions! Our Wednesday night SURGE small group classes are our foundation for  building the lives of people. There’s something for every age group!

Invest People!  In the Great Commission, Jesus instructed his disciples to “go ye therefore, teaching all nations…” Once people have been Reached and Built, they’ll be ready to be Invested back into the work of the Kingdom! This allows people to get involved in the ministries here at NBIC!

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